2008 NPC Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship

The “vog” or volcanic smog, vestiges of plumes wafting from Kilauea Volcano in the Big Island, didn’t dampen this year’s “2008 NPC Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Championships.” Direct from the beach in Waikiki in the Island of Oahu, the competition goes on.

The evening show kicked off with a graceful and poetic hula interpretation by “2006 Mrs. Hawaii,” Pebblz Ronquilio, of the remixed “mele” (song) of Hawaii’s famed late Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Hawaii 78.” She gyrated with precision to a dance routine, which can compete with any rigorous ab workout, amidst a stage flanked by bigger than life tiki statues reminiscent of those at Rapa Nui. After the “hula,” two shell blowers blew their conch shells three times to commence the beginning of the evening show. The national anthem and Hawaii’s State Song, “Hawai’i Pono’i” (“Hawaii’s own”), written by King David Kalakaua in 1876, was sang by one of Hawaii’s recording artist, Jesse Rivera.

Enter, the Men’s Novice competition. Winning the Lightweight Class is Aaron Madriaga. Aaron is 24 years old. He works out at 24 Hour Fitness and enjoys flying. He came in with a lean physique and he looks like he would do even better with more mass.

Joe Lake won the Middleweight Class on his first try. The 38 year-old carpenter and antique car builder from Hilo, Hawaii, trains at Spencer Gym. Once a spectator at last year’s “Paradise Cup,” he finally debuted on stage to show off his sliced abs and dry physique.

The Heavyweight Class and Overall Winner went to Mike Diaz. He is a 35 year-old military officer who trains at the Kaneohe Bay Fitness Center in Kaneohe, Hawaii. When he’s not lifting, he has martial arts and boxing to keep him busy. He comes in with wide lats and intercostals that are deep and defined.

Lightweight Class winner of the Men’s Masters Division went to Sydney Esperas. He trains at Powerhouse and 24 Hour Fitness Gyms. The 47 year-old labor craftsman dances hula in his spare time which definitely helped him achieve that good muscle tone that holds up a good overall quality mass.

Kamuela Chun is not new to the circuit, having won the Overall Master’s in lat year’s “Mr. Hawaiian Islands.” He has conscientiously dialed in his winning physique for the Heavyweight and Overall Master’s Awards. Kamuela maintains his physique year round. The 50 year-old education administrator from Hilo, Hawaii, spends a lot of time to train at Spencer to rightfully earn him a chiseled form that takes time and effort to attain.

Up and coming, Alvin Viernes who stands 5 ft. 3 in. is a powerhouse contestant. He has won his class in last year’s Musclemania Competition. Alvin is fondly known by his friends as “Big V” for obvious reasons – he has wide lats. This 22 years-old contestant is originally from Hilo, Hawaii, and he is pursuing studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. His interests are mixed martial arts, wrestling and grappling. More outstanding is his narrow waist that accentuates his lats even more. This young man is thick!

A Membership Manager from 24 Hour Fitness in Pearl Kai, Eddie Damaso is back from his previous win in the Overall Master’s Division in the previous Mr. Hawaiian Islands Bodybuilding Championships to claim tonight’s Lightweight Class. His back is broad and he displays an impressive set of rhomboids.

And the main feature of the night goes to a once overweight 230-pound contestant from Kunia, Hawaii. He transformed his body in less than six months to be a respectable second placer in the Middleweight Class at the “Paradise Cup” two years ago. Carlito is 27 years old and he is a member of the US National Guard. He enjoys playing basketball, football and stand-up paddle surfing. He trains at the Iron Dungeon and the YMCA. He has the complete package: good symmetry, pleasing proportions, hard muscularity, muscle thickness and definition. Tonight, he has tweaked his physique to garner him the Open Middleweight Award and Overall “2008 Stingrey Classic Champion.”

Alim Shabazz, a 30 year-old pharmaceutical sales manager took the Heavyweight Class. He works out at 24 Hour Fitness Pearl Kai. He loves off-roading and traveling. At his towering physique, he was also the winner of his class at the “Mr. Hawaiian Islands Championships” three years previous. Alim has also modeled for “Muscle and Fitness” magazine.

Taking a break from the men’s competition, the Women’s Fitness Award was given to Rachel Lara. Rachel is 25 years old and trains at 24 Hour Fitness. She wowed the audience with her high-energy routine with her dynamic kicks and splits. The coordinated choreography and tight overall body muscle tone made her a sure favorite in this competition. The Tall Class Award went to Brenda Anderson who showed off that long legged appeal that is topped by firm muscles and nicely colored skin.

From fitness to figure, Dani Ronquilio snatched the trophy from the other thirteen contestants for the Short Class and Overall Figure Awards. She is notable for her broad shoulders and narrow waist, firm legs and good overall muscle tone. Dani was the 1997 World Boogie Boarding Champion.

The Medium Class Women’s Figure was awarded to Monica Romero. Monica came in tight that put on view a fit body that is lean and shapely. Kawehi Namuo grabbed the Tall Class Awards with her flawless skin and tight, firm physique. She moved with confidence and projected an overall pretty appearance.

The winners received a medallion with the “Stingrey Classic” logo, a life-sized silver Excalibur-like sword and a Kim Taylor Reese “hula” bronze sculpture.

A special award was given tonight to Nos and Lynn Racoma, the first husband and wife team who have won Overall Champions Award in their own categories in the equally prestigious “Paradise Cup Bodybuilding and Figure Championships.” They received this award in recognition for their unending efforts to promote bodybuilding and their overflowing encouragement in mentoring fitness enthusiasts in the Islands.

The husband and wife team, Roc and Gina Shabazz hosted the show.

Guest posing was provided by Toney Freeman, an IFBB Pro with an impressive competition history too long to list, the latest of which was his win as 4th Placer at the 2008 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix; Kevin Sperling, Overall Champion of the 2006 Designer Body, 2006 Armed Forces, 2007 Mr. Hawaiian Islands and 10th Placer at the 2007 NPC USA’s; and a surprise posing by the emcee, Roc Shabazz, IFBB Pro, Founder and Coach for Fitness Pros Wellness Center.

To the generous support of the major sponsors, “mahalo” (“thank you”): 24 Hour Fitness, B&A Builders, Inc., B.O.S.S. Beauty Outlet Supply Store, Pacific Beach Hotel, First Capital Group, Inc., Claude’s Photography, Honstudios, T&T Tinting, Designer Body, Ill Ink Printing Sources, Q Laser Center, Lawrence K.W. Tseu, DDS, Inc., Gaspari Nutrition, Life Fitness, Dr. Ryan Ferchoff Natural Wellness Center, Fitness Pros Wellness Centers, GNC, HMI High Mark Investments, Honolulu Club, Honolulu Tan & Spa, Inc.,, Mint Condition, BioAstin, Nutrishop, Waikiki Video Productions and Techniques Hawaii.

“A hui hou,” (“Till we meet again”) at next year’s bigger and more exciting spring show, in sun-drenched Honolulu, at the “2009 NPC Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships” on April 17, 2009.

For more information about the “2009 NPC Stingrey Classic” go to You can contact Rey Ronquilio at (808) 781-1133 or Pebblz Ronquilio at (808) 393-1155. For more coverage of local Hawaiian bodybuilding and fitness events log on to

Results: Men’s Novice Overall: Diaz, Mike Lightweight 1. Madriaga, Aaron 2. Leija, Omar 3. Sangpan, Alan 4. Albo, Jeffrey Jr.

Middleweight 1. Lake, Joe 2. Dillard, Eric 3. Ventura, Julius 4. Ware, Anthony 5. Galaty, Ted 6. Nick, Leonard

Heavyweight 1. Diaz, Mike 2.Wilkins, Keola 3. Hines, Patrick 4. Reynolds, Cameron

Men’s Open Overall: Camat, Carlito Jr. Bantam 1. Viernes, Alvin

Lightweight 1. Damaso, Eddie 2. Shumpert, James 3. Segura, Jesse

Middleweight 1. Camat, Carlito 2. McSwain, Max 3. Westby, Jody 4. Penner, Lawrence III

Heavyweight 1. Shabazz, Alim

Men’s Masters Overall: Chun, Kamuela Lightweight 1. Esperas, Sydney 2. Patao, Roger 3. Brown, Doug Heavyweight 1. Chun, Kamuela 2. Lacar, Joe 3. Snoddy, Jeffrey

Women’s Figure Overall: Ronquilio, Dani Short 1. Ronquilio, Dani 2. Anderson, Donna 3. Conelly, Lori 4. Quiocho, Dawn 5. Fried, Lisa 6. Hicks, Amelia 7. Pieridis, Sophia 8. Racoma, Lynn 9. Garner, Christine 10. Santiago, Lyn 11. Lucariello, Alexis 12. Kahomoku, Maria 13. Smith, Kimberlyn 14. Decosta, Sherron

Medium 1. Romero, Monica 2. Shea, Sarah 3. Cabrera, Yolanda 4. Flowers, Natalie

Tall 1. Namuo, Kawehi 2. Goods, Becky 3. Woomer, Irina 4. Twigg-Smith, Leia 5. Iha, Tina 5. Grolla, Theresa

Women’s Fitness Overall: Lara, Rachel Short 1. Lara, Rachel 2. Caballero, Blossom

Tall 1. Anderson, Brenda

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