2007 Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships

Almost a decade and a half since the last showing of the now defunct “Hawaiian Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships,” Rey Ronquilio is proud to revive the Spring bodybuilding and fitness tradition. This March ushers in the “2007 Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships,” the latest NPC sanctioned competition to join the ranks of Hawaii’s premiere long-running bodybuilding events.

Aloha and greetings from the Island of Oahu known as “The Gathering Place.” A sunny day with clear blue skies, highs in the low 80’s, breezy trade winds blowing across verdant Diamond Head and waves crashing on Waikiki’s white sand beach serve as the backdrop for Rey Ronquilio’s “2007 NPC Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships.”

Amidst the fun fare of an undulating and vibrant “dragon dance,” a silhouette posing by the promoter, Rey Ronquilio, 2003 Mr. Lightweight USA, and two huge projection screens proudly suspended on either side of the center stage, fifteen voluptuous, taut bodies and 2,269 pounds of muscle flew in from Hanapepe to Los Angeles to flex and pose to vie for the top national qualifier awards in the hottest NPC spring competition to enthrall the Hawaiian Islands.

Capturing the First Place, Open, Middleweight Award is a personal strength and fitness trainer from Los Angeles, California. Thirty-four year old, Moji Oluwa has competed in weight lifting since 1994 and bodybuilding since 1997. He has graced many a pages of popular bodybuilding publications like Weider’s Muscle and Fitness. He has a muscular physique that he manages to shred revealing amazing serratus development that is as thick and sharp as his rectus abdominis.

After being in hiatus in the competitive bodybuilding circuit for almost a decade due to a lumbar spinal nerve injury, a six foot, 213 pound bodybuilder from Hanapepe, Kauai, made a come back to win the First Place, Open, Heavyweight Award. Against medical advice, David Feather has painstakingly, yet, cautiously, labored at the “Island Gym” (where he works out with his training partner, Charles Ferguson) to revive a Zanesque physique that appealed to the judges.

One of the most enthusiastic competitors of the night was five foot, seven inch, Charles Ferguson. This is his third competition in just a year and a half and he has remarkably improved from his first showing in last year’s “Mr. Hawaiian Islands,” coming in a lot fuller with sharper definition. Rightfully so, he stole the Heavyweight, Master’s Division Award. Charles is proprietor of “Island Gym” in Hanapepe, Kauai. He is a staunch supporter of fitness among the youth and believes that bodybuilding is more for the young than for old-timers like him. He is currently mentoring his son in preparation for the “Mr. Hawaiian Islands” this summer.

Former “Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA 2005,” Brandy Leaver seized the First Place, Women’s Figure, Middle Class and Overall Awards. The curvaceous Leaver has also appeared in the primetime reality series “Are You Hot” and is host of the television series “Hollywood Exclusive” to be aired in Spring 2007.

A veteran in the local women’s bodybuilding scene and a national competitor, Ailina, never fails to wow the audience with her enthusiastic posing routine. Her petite and tight frame won her the First Place, Lightweight and Overall Women’s Bodybuilding.

A professional commercial, print and video/film model that does “voice over” captivated the audience with her high energy and vivacious routine. Twenty-seven year-old, Christine Nguyen, of Los Angeles, California, garnered the First Place, Women’s Fitness.

From the pounding surf of Banzai Pipeline in the North Shore to the Stingrey Classic stage in Waikiki, the winner of the Women’s Figure, Short, goes to the five-time Pipeline Finalist and 1997 World Boogie Boarding Champion, Danni Freitas Ronquilio. A mother of two children, who, with the guidance of Lynn Racoma of Waianae’s “Iron Dungeon” and First Place, Figure Short Class winner of the “2005 NPC Paradise Cup,” she captured her class on the first try.

Ultimately, a 31-year old bodybuilder from Honolulu, Hawaii, dominated the show. Stretching at a lofty five feet, three inches, Shavis Higa compressed a solid and ripped 154 pounds that earned him the Overall and First Place, Men’s Open Lightweight Awards. The soft-spoken Shavis is an electrician for the “Hawaii Air National Guard.” He has ten years of competition experience under his belt and he is preparing to surely grab top awards in this summer’s “NPC Los Angeles” and the “NPC USA” in Las Vegas.

The other winners are Chauncey Murakami, Overall, Men’s Masters; Joseph Lacar, Men’s Novice, Heavyweight; Jesse Segura, Men’s Open, Bantam; Robin Nee, Women’s Bodybuilding, Heavyweight; and Rebecca Goods, Women’s Figure, Tall.

The winners received a medallion with the “Stingrey Classic” logo, a life-sized Excalibur-like sword and a “hula” brass sculpture molded to the specifications of one of Hawaii’s well-known photographers, Kim Taylor Reese.

The show was hosted by the duo Shawn Rey and Bob Chicherillo. Shawn Ray is an Arnold Classic Winner, 13 Time Mr. Olympia Contender and Hall of Fame Bodybuilding Inductee 2007. Bob Chicherillo is Mr. USA, Mr. World, Masters Pro Champion and editor.

Guest posing was provided by Roc Shabazz, IFBB Pro, 2006 Australian Pro Grand Prix V, 8th Place, and 2004 NPC Nationals, Light Heavyweight Champion; Nicole Duncan, IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor, 2006 Nationals, 1st Place, 2006 Team Universe, 3rd Place and 2005 Europa Supershow, 2nd Place; and Phil Heath, IFBB Pro, 2006 IFBB New York Pro, 1st Place, 2006 IFBB Colorado Pro, 1st Place, and 2005 NPC USA’s, Heavyweight, 1st Place and Overall Champion.

“Mahalo” (“Thank you”) to the generous support of the major sponsors: 24 Hour Fitness, Lawrence K.W. Tseu, DDS, Muscle Milk, Met-Rx, T&T Tinting Specialist, Q Laser, Vyo Tech,, GNC, US Guys Construction, Fitness Warrior, First Capital Group, Inc., Honstudios, Designer Body, Dr. Ryan Ferchoff’s Natural Wellness, Leis of Hawaii, 808 Tan, Tony Walker, Dream Tan, John Guild Productions and the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki.

“A hui hou,” (a Hawaiian phrase which means “Till we meet again”) at next year’s bigger and more exciting spring show, in sun-drenched Honolulu, at the “2008 NPC Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships” on April 18, 2008.

For more information about the “2008 Stingrey Classic” go to You can contact Rey Ronquilio at (808) 781-1133 or Pebblz Ronquilio at (808) 393-1155. For more coverage of local Hawaiian bodybuilding and fitness events log on to

Men’s Novice Overall: Kenyatta Wilson Lightweight 1. Kenyatta Wilson 2. Kaui Mayurai 3. Donovan Oga Heavyweight 1. Joseph Lacar 2. Keoni Solidum

Men’s Open Overall: Shavis Higa Bantam 1. Jesse Segura Lightweight 1. Shavis Higa 2. Andrew Saguid Middleweight 1. Moji Oluwa Heavyweight 1. David Feather 2. Michael Ralar 3. Dan Munoz

Men’s Masters Overall: Chauncey Murakami Lightweight 1. Chauncey Murakami Heavyweight 1. Charles Ferguson 2. Alparadise Alboro, Jr.

Women’s Bodybuilding Overall: Ailina Lightweight 1. Ailina Heavyweight 1. Robin Nee

Women’s Fitness 1. Christine Nguyen

Women’s Figure Overall: Brandy Leaver Short 1. Dani Freitas Ronquilio 2. Dee Dilwith 3. Kelly Dean 4. Tasha Travis 5. Susan Drelich Middle 1. Brandy Leaver 2. Gaylene Vedder 3. Christi Ah Nee 4. Maxime Kaname-Pichay 5. Brenda Anderson 6. Carolyn Kaahanui Tall 1. Rebecca Goods 2. Irina Woomer

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