On Friday, September 18, 2021, we will be having the 5th annual Aloha Muscle Competition at the Waikiki Sheraton Hotel. The Aloha Muscle is an NPC (National Physique Committee) sanctioned event which is a national qualifier for all Open Divisions (men’s bodybuilding, physique, and classic physique as well as women’s figure, physique and open bikini).

To Fill Out An Application

1. Applications Due: September 4, 2021 (after the due date a late fee of $100 will be required).

2. ENTRY FEE: $150.00 (After online application is completed, online payment will follow).

3. COACHES PASS: You will be allowed ONLY 1-person backstage (competitors can purchase 1 coaches pass for $100 during your online registration). Coaches’ pass includes backstage entry for both prejudging and the night show and free entry to watch prejudging in the main ballroom. The night-show is NOT INCLUDED, so if you have a coaches pass, you will still need to purchase a seat for the night-show, if you want entry. IF YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE SOMEONE BACKSTAGE WITH YOU, THAT PERSON MUST HAVE AN NPC CARD for liability purposes. GO TO npcnewsonline.com to purchase an NPC card. Add this option during online registration.

4. Additional Services: Add a photo package, tanning package and a video package during online registration.

5. CROSSOVERS ARE ALLOWED: YOU CAN COMPETE IN MORE THAN 1 DIVISION. To enter another division just complete another separate online application and pay the additional entrance fee of $100 per division added. ONLY ONLINE REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE (no manual applications are accepted). If you are having problems with the online registration, please contact Rey Ronquilio @ 808.781.1133


**During the online registration please include your weight and/or height that you will approximately be at the weigh in/height check in (on September 17, 2021) based on your division requirements (i.e men’s classic physique will need to include both weight and height during online registration).**