2009 NPC Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness and Bikini Championship

The 2009 NPC Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness and Bikini Championships open with a fanfare of yellow straw skirt-clad dancers gyrating to deep syncopated drumming. The energetic “otea,” the hip-shaking style typical of Tahitian dancing that matches the vibration of a piston of a Porsche Carrera GT as it accelerates from zero to 60 mph, stirs excitement in a sold-out crowd.

The 2009 NPC Stingrey Classic pushes its limits in its involvement in the Hawaii fitness scene. This year, the NPC Stingrey Classic is proud to launch the first Ms. Bikini Competition in the Hawaiian Islands. The Ms. Bikini Division is an NPC sanctioned contest that allows the winner to proudly represent Hawaii to compete in any of the NPC Ms. Bikini national level events in Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Pittsburgh, and Hollywood, Florida. This year’s show is successful in attracting a crop of contestants who would feel at home at any Baywatch shoot. All the contestants are beautifully tanned with taught, almost flawless skin clad in their two-piece swimsuits and high heels. The Ms. Bikini “is the battle of the tight curves,” Rey Ronquilio exclaims. Nine contestants vie for the overall position and one contestant from the Short Division, Jacquelyn Geringer, seized the coveted prize. Jacquelyn is a student and concurrently works as a bartender. She loves to dance and she trains at 24 Hour Fitness. She epitomizes the criteria that reflect the overall balance, shape and deportment befitting of Stingrey Classic Ms. Bikini 2009.

Not to be overshadowed, the Women’s Figure Competition is just as competitive with this year’s pool of 11 contestants. Following the winning streak of Ms. Bikini, a contestant from the Short Division, Susan Salazar, claims the Overall Award. Susan trains at Powerhouse Gym to gain that more muscled and tight, almost miniscule, waistline. She is a United States Navy Hospital Corpsman. Although she enjoys all outdoor activities, she also enjoys a fun hobby that seem to rival that of Imelda Marcos (she, too, loves to shop for shoes).

Another innovation, introduced by the NPC Stingrey Classic, is the Ms. Fitness Competition. The Ms. Fitness Competition is not for the timid. It is a challenge that incorporates musculoskeletal strength, flexibility and coordination that can be achieved through plyometrics. Try approximating Catherine Zeta Jones’ back-breaking and joint-crackling dismounts (yes, I can hear the joints now) in “Entrapment” (21st Century-Fox, 1999) where she stealthily, yet, briskly, contorts through a matrix of laser beams at Bedford Palace to appropriate a priceless Chinese mask, and you’ll understand what I mean. Blossom Aloha Caballero grabs the overall honor. Blossom is a cheer coach and choreographer. She loves to dance and is a full-time mother. How she manages to train at 24 Hour Fitness Pearl Kai and work while taking care of a child is an accomplishment in itself; for that, she deserves two trophies!

Moving to the proverbial “meat” of the show, two contestants in the Men’s Bodybuilding Division stand out. They are compared and pitted against each other. Only one can take home the Overall Winner Stingrey Classic Sword, Kim Taylor Reece Trophy, a medalion and a customized bronze lifecast of the winner’s torso courtesy of Clay Williams from Eaglewood Sculpts (wow, how’s that for a coffee table conversation piece or a mantel, although, most people don’t have mantels in Hawaii). Ed Hogget comes in at 234 pounds looking as thick as a flame-broiled Burger King Whopper (hold the mayo) because this man is lean and thick in all the right places. Ohio-born, Ed is a stock trader who has been competing in bodybuilding since the mid-1990. He has competed and placed highly in the NPC USA’s many times and as of late, won the First Place, Master’s 50 Plus Heavyweight Class in the 2009 Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh. Surprisingly, Ed’s divergent interests landed him a role in Hawaii Opera Theater’s 41st Season featuring Richard Strauss’ 1905 orchestral adaptation of the aria “Salome” as the Executioner who chops off Jokanaan’s (John the Baptist) head and places it in a silver platter. Now, how many musclemen can put that in their resume?

In the light heavy class, Bernard Landford shows his wares at 182 pounds. He is a newbie taking his first win with the Overall and Middleweight Class Awards in the 2008 Hawaiian Islands. Bernard is an operations manager and works out at Westside Fitness. Although he does not have the mass of his adversary, he positions himself through his impeccable conditioning. In little less than a year since his last show, he has managed to shred his physique to a point that one can incur a paper cut from running one’s fingers across his serratus. Auwe!

Deciding on the Overall Champion is a tight call and the die is cast. Despite the narrow demarcation between Hoggett and Landford, the jury went out to confer Landford with the Overall Champion of the 2009 NPC Stingrey Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships.

In retrospect, the show remains to be fun and sympathomimetic, as all fitness shows should be. The NPC Stingrey Classic continues to evolve and innovate. Come, watch and/or participate in next year’s show as it proves to be a wholesome family engagement.

Much mahalos to our valued sponsors whose support makes the 2009 Stingrey Classic a success: GNC, Top of Waikiki, Q Laser Center, Waikiki Video Productions, Pacific Beach Hotel, Leis of Hawaii, HonWeb, Mint Condition, Gaspari Nutrition, Cosco, Daikin AC, Nutri Shop, B&A Builders Inc., Biostatin, HRS Capital Group, Lawrence K.W. Tseu, DDS., Inc., 24 Hour Fitness, Dream Tan, B.O.S.S. Beauty Outlet Supply Store, Dr. Ryan Ferchoff Natural Wellness Center, HMI High Mark Investments, Techniques Hawaii, Powerhouse Gym, Honolulu Club, Claude’s Photography and Honolulu Tan & Spa.

For information about the upcoming “2010 NPC Stingrey Classic” go to You can also reach Rey Ronquilio at (808) 781-1133 or Pebblz Ronquilio at (808) 393-1155.

Results: Overall Champion: Bernard Landford

Men’s Novice Overall: Joe Lauro Lightweight 1. Joe Lauro 2. Ronnie Villalon 3. Arnold Hagihara 4. Arnold Horikawa 5. Marcus Tanaka 6. Alika Publico

Middleweight 1. Derrick Popa 2. Kekoa Valentine 3. Rod Redondo 4. Shane Nac Nac

Heavyweight 1. Rex Bumanglag 2. Chris Hodges 3. Ezra Rose

Men’s Open Overall: Bernard Landford Lightweight 1. Eddie Damaso 2. Deron Agaran

Middleweight 1. Caleb Sun 2. Joe Lake 3. Cipriano Ugale

Lightheavy 1. Bernard Landford 2. Jason Roberts

Heavyweight 1. Ed Hoggett 2. Dan Munoz

Men’s Masters Overall: Allen Mahuka Lightweight 1. Kiyoshi Fuji

Heavyweight 1. Allen Mahuka

Women’s Figure Overall: Susan Salazar Short 1. Susan Salazar 2. Amalia Ralar 3. Marie Silva 4. Christina Mace 5. Jenny Crusat 6. Maria Ravida

Tall 1. Jessica Robbins 2. Irina Woomer 3. Jill Natividad 4. Nicky Perry 5. Leia Twigg-Smith

Women’s Fitness Overall: Blossom Caballero Short 1. Blossom Caballero 2. Saquawia Funderberk

Women’s Bikini Overall: Jacquelyn Geringer Short 1. Jacquelyn Geringer 2. Kelly Dean 3. Sarah Hoey 4. Maureen Paulo 5. Jennifer Maki

Tall 1. Molly Gresham 2. Uilani Laboy 3. Amanda Magalhaes 4. Lissy Stalter

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